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3D Systems – CAD, CAM 3D Software Review

Manufacturing and Designing with Ease

3D Systems – CAD, CAM 3D Software Review

3D Systems CAD CAM 3D Software

CNC machines often involve what is called CNC programming that also includes CAD/CAM systems. Integration plays a major role in the CAD/CAM industry and for future products. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a software that can handle mechanical components dealing with surfaces, solid models or geometry. The CAM part is basically the software that creates NC programs. 3-D Software refers to the computer graphics that allows for design, production and creation of 3-D like animations and graphics. It gives end users the opportunity to receive a good visual and control of an object.

3D Systems – Geomagic Control X

3D Systems Geomagic Control X software

This metrology software is a platform that provides the tools for direct workflows. It focuses on the needs within the aerospace and automotive industries. It has a 50 percent of efficiency that is more than competitors. It’s loaded with powerful reporting capabilities giving highly colorful graphics and clear reports. Additional information about this Geomagic Control X Software can be found at the 3D Systems Website.

3D Systems – Geomagic Design X

This software is for reverse engineering that brings together CAD with 3D scan data processing features. You can create solid models that you can edit right along with any compatible existing CAD software you might already have. The sole goal with this software is to convert 3D scan data into top-of-the-line CAD models. It’s not only powerful but impressively accurate in surface fitting to mesh editing, 3D scans and also point cloud processing. Basically, you can develop sharp manufacturing designs by being able to scan anything. Additional information about this Geomagic Design X Software can be found at the 3D Systems Website.

3D Systems – Geomagic Freeform

3D Systems Geomagic Freeform

This powerful software benefits designers of toys, miniatures or even figurines. In addition, it’s platform offers incredible flexibility with high-tech advance tools. It’s really an organic software with features that allows 3D modeling to create very complex, production sculpting models for 3D printing or die manufacturing. Not to mention, it’s touch-enabled that creates fast 3D modeling when designing prototypes that can be highly detailed. Additional information about this Geomagic Freeform Software can be found at the 3DSystems Website.

3D Systems – Cimatorn

3D Systems Cimatron

This is CAD/CAM software that is used in such areas as manufacturing, tool building and for CNC program applications. Cimatron is an Israeli software. Currently, it leads globally as the head provider of CAD/CAM in the manufacturing industry. This software product is known to work in real time on real life issues and problems. It actually has specific features that automate repetitive tasks. It can handle core and cavity splitting, mold catalogs, semi-automated electrode design and more. Their software support team is excellent in that they know exactly what customers are talking about and can effectively handle their problems. Additional information about this Cimatron Software can be found at the 3D Systems Website.

3D Systems – GibbsCAM

3D Systems GibbsCAM

Exclusively for the PC-type computer, GibbsCAM’s state of the art system programs CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine tools. It is one application with high ease of use. The software also leads in the market when it comes to CAM software using graphic interfaces with data compatible CAD products. It used to be owned by Cimatron, but now ownership lies with 3D Systems. It’s powerful features stem from High Speed Machining, 2-5 Axis Milling, and turning, to name a few.  Additional information about this GibbsCAM Software can be found at the 3D Systems Website.


3D Systems – CAD, CAM 3D Software Review

Overall, when looking for the best 3D systems running CAD or CAM software there are many choices to choose from. The manufacturing industry has a huge demand for this kind of software that has efficient tools and features either to do sculpting, complex designs, working on miniatures or handling 3D Models. It’s important they are easy to use and accurate. Computer Aided Design known as CAD and CAM software are widely used by designers. Not to mention, mechanical engineers use CAD software when doing design models. Where as a manufacturing engineer, who is also called an NC programmer, can use the CAD software to do manufacturing modeling. Their work involves NC programming, data and application integration. All in all, in my opinion for the top CAD, CAM 3D Software in the industry, I highly recommend 3D Systems.



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