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Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Review





Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Review, surveillance camera, nanny camera, spy camera, wifi camera



Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Review 

Protecting Your Privacy


Privacy is becoming more and more of a concern in our daily lives. Consumers seek security in their homes, offices and even hotels. Furthermore, more news pops up about invasion of privacy in these areas. This is where Alpha Tech’s Hidden Camera can set your suspicions at ease. This clever gadget has been used for various reasons whether it be a nanny camera, wifi camera or surveillance camera. Customers are sharing their experiences by giving an Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Review. Consumers are getting the peace of mind they deserve when either in a hotel, making sure their nanny is doing their job or simply securing your home while away.


Alpha Tech Wifi Camera

The camera itself plugs directly into a wall charger and can go easily undetected. It has a 2.4G Wifi router and is available to use on Android or IOS. All you do is keep the gadget plugged in so it can remotely capture video. If you choose to use a Micro SD Card, then it’s necessary to click on “All Day” or “On Alarm.” When you are by the camera it can be placed in Direct Connection Mode.


Alpha Tech Wifi Camera Guide

Your first step is to download the App, but remember to close it after this. Next, you want to search for settings and the Wi-Fi titled “CMXXXXXXXXXXX.” This will appear on your phone so you can connect. After that, your camera is added once you open the App. Through your phone you will actually see live video. If you press on Mode 2 you will get video remotely as long as you have a DHCP server. Once the App is open, find your button that shows a device setting to configure your Wi-FI. There will be a list to choose from. Finally, simply allow 2-3 minutes and the camera is online.

There are many uses for Alpha Tech’s Hidden Camera. Private investigators have used it as a surveillance camera when working on a clients file. Businesses have found the gadget to be helpful when using it to make sure employees are honest. Parents have given themselves comfort knowing their child is in good hands. Keep in mind you must format your SD card.


Spy Camera, Surveillance Camera or Nanny Camera


Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Review, surveillance camera, nanny camera, spy camera, wifi camera


What most have said in Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Reviews is that they enjoy the features that can range from many uses. Some have used it for remote viewing. When you are away from home, you have eyes on what’s going on in your home or office directly from your phone in your pocket. Any movement will activate the App so you can review and look at anything, giving you the Spy camera effect. Some use the gadget as a Nanny Camera making sure their kids are okay with hired help. Being able to record on a microSD card is a great benefit to parents.

If you are traveling and your home might be vulnerable, using the device as a spy camera gives comfort knowing your belongings are safe. Plugging it into the wall and having a Wifi camera is another feature that is very popular, especially when you can use the Alpha Tech Hidden Camera to charge your phone.



Alpha Tech Hidden Camera Review


Rating: 8 out of 10

All in all, the Alpha Tech Hidden Camera is a great all around purchase. Notably, with the ability to be used as a spy camera, surveillance camera and nanny camera. In addition, the ease of use and the fully functional App. Not to mention its stealth and convenient ability to be plugged into the wall. I highly recommend this product.




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