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Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device



Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device, Reege's Tech Reviews, Clean Master


Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device

are becoming more and more relevant to our lives today. Technological advancement has now made it possible for people to use their smartphones to work. You can also play games, watch videos, manage your life and so much more. Possibilities are almost endless. However, installing a lot of applications in your smartphone causes it to slow down. In this article, I will be explaining how this happens, and show you some downloadable apps to speed up your android device.


Why Do Android Phone’s Lag?

In a nutshell, there are only two major reasons why your phone lags, RAM and Storage Capacity.

RAM allows you to multitask on your android phone. You can open multiple applications and have them running in the background without having to close them. The more RAM, the more applications your phone could keep open. However, if your processor is not powerful enough to keep all the apps in the background working, this is where the lag starts. The processor starts to struggle to keep up with the requirements of the applications. It’s the sweet combination of the two that makes your smartphone fast and smooth.

Having said that, we all know we cannot upgrade the processor and the RAM of our android phone. The best we can do is to make sure the RAM is healthy and always running light.



Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device, Reege's Tech Reviews, Greenify

Greenify is a free app for Android that helps identify persistent apps that keeps running in the background without you knowing. These are power consuming apps that keeps draining your battery even if you’re not using them. Furthermore, these apps that keep running in the background are also eating your RAM and eventually slows down your phone.

The greenify app allows you to hibernate these apps that keep them from ever running unless you open them specifically. Just click the plus sign on the top right of Greenify and it will show you persistent app that you can hibernate. It’s very easy to use and risk-free. This is one of the best apps to speed up your android device because it is available even without rooting your phone.

However, I must warn first time users. Messaging apps like Messenger, KIK, LINE, are also persistent apps. They are always running in the background so they can retrieve messages sent to you every time. If you choose to hibernate these apps, you will no longer be notified if there are new messages sent to you. You will receive the new messages when you manually open the app.

Download Here


No Bloat:

Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device, Reege's Tech Reviews, NoBloat


Most android phones on the market come with bloatware. Bloatware is unwanted applications that the manufacturer have installed in your mobile device. Also, if you got your phone from service providers, they will have more bloatware installed by the carriers.

Bloatware is not harmful. They just eat up hard disk space and RAM on your mobile device. Sadly, most bloatware cannot be removed by conventional methods. Most mobile phones offer the option to hide bloatware, but never disable them from eating space and RAM.

NoBloat is one of the apps to speed up your Android device. It basically allows you to disable anything you want inside your mobile device. It analyzes your hard drive and will categorize all your files into three parts; Installed Bloatware and System.

In the Bloatware tab, everything can be disabled safely without harming your phone. Meanwhile, you have to be careful about disabling anything in the system tab, as removing essential files can harm your phone. I have successfully removed Bixby from my phone using this application.

Download Here Free Version, Paid Version



Clean Master:

Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device, Reege's Tech Reviews, Clean Master


This is one of the very best and famous applications out there to optimize your android phone. The main features of this applications are the Junk cleaners, RAM booster, AntiVirus, Photo Vault, Wifi Security and Battery Saver.

Junk cleaner feature is a bit more common. It removes all unnecessary residual and cache files that are stored in your phone that has no use. In addition, it can free up a ton of space in your hard drive making your phone faster. RAM booster also works like this but it manages your RAM. It force closes background apps and refreshes the RAM like it is a freshly restarted device.

The AntiVirus feature is what separates this apps from others. It is pretty self-explanatory but it is worth mentioning because other competitors don’t have this feature. It also has a private photo vault feature which offers good security on pictures you want to hide from someone else.

The Wifi-Security is also a cool feature. It is able to detect fake wifi networks that are set-up to steal your data and sensitive private information.

Lastly, the battery saver feature analyzes all your apps and your behavior in the past. It will show you what eats up most of your battery and you can also choose to disable or stop it in this particular application.

Download Here



Apps To Speed Up Your Android Device 


Final Verdict:

These are my best-recommended apps to speed up your android device. The No Bloat is the only one who needs purchasing to get the maximum efficiency, but the rest is free. Most importantly, the apps are amazingly helpful. They can prolong your android phones life and makes your phone more enjoyable. Also, rooting can be very dangerous and can brick your phone. These apps require no rooting and are completely safe to use. Try them now and see instant results.


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