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BenQ Screenbar Lite Review

BenQ Screenbar Lite Review, USB LED light, reege's tech reviews, USB Lamp

BenQ has done it again, and this time, it comes in a smaller package. This is the BenQ Screenbar Lite review and all you need to know about this latest addition to their USB LED light product line.

For those of you who didn’t know, last year, BenQ released their very first screen bar: the BenQ ScreenBar Plus. It was an amazing and useful desktop accessory.

Now, BenQ is aiming to help more people with this new product that is one of the very first USB LED light units that can be mounted on your laptop.


What is the BenQ ScreenBar Lite?

The BenQ ScreenBar Lite is basically the little brother of the ScreenBar Plus. It is a USB LED light that sits on top of your monitor for unobstructed lighting at a perfect angle. Unlike its plus model that is aimed for desktop monitors, the BenQ ScreenBar Lite is small enough that you can attach it to a laptop monitor.




BenQ Screenbar Lite Review, USB LED light, reege's tech reviews, USB Lamp

Right out of the box, it comes with a plastic casing that can protect it while you carry it around. It’s very small and portable as it is only 26cm x 5.5cm x 4.6cm and weighs only 170 grams.

What’s impressive is that they offer the same power and illumination as the bigger series. The LED light provides 500 lux of lighting, in one of eight different color temperatures ranging from warm 2700k to cool 6500k.

At the back of the bar itself is the clip. A very plastic-friendly clip that will hold the BenQ ScreenBar Lite onto the top of your laptop without damaging your monitor in any way. It is also important to note, that the clip has an arc that won’t cover your laptop’s camera..

The Bar itself is hinged on the clip that allows you to adjust the angle of the lighting to your satisfaction. This is one of the best things of the BenQ ScreenBar Lite. You can adjust it according to your surroundings and needs.

On top of the bar are the touch-sensitive light buttons for the device. From here, you can control the power of the screen bar together with its brightness and color. Unlike the ScreenBar plus where you have a knob that can adjust the USB LED light, BenQ ScreenBar Lite uses arrow buttons similar to a volume rocker of a mobile phone.



BenQ Screenbar Lite Review, USB LED light, reege's tech reviews, USB Lamp



The signature feature of the BenQ ScreenBar, whether it’s the plus or the Lite, is its ability to position itself on top of your monitor. This allows the lighting to provide illumination in front of your monitor, and not at your monitor.

Lightings around the screen can provide reflection and glare which can be annoying especially if you’re working.

Lastly, the angle is also perfect to put visibility on your keyboard. Not everyone can type without looking at their keyboard.

Auto Dimming

Similar to the plus model, the BenQ ScreenBar Lite also have the ambient light sensor. It automatically detects the surrounding light and adjusts the illumination accordingly.

However, you can also set the brightness and warmth of the USB LED light manually. For those people who are not satisfied with the ambient sensor, it’s just a simple touch on top of the screen bar.

Favorite Settings

This is the new feature that was not present in their previous screen bar. Basically, this allows you to save your light setting for future use.

This is the heart shape button on top of the screen bar. To use this, press and hold the heart button until it lights up. It will remember the exact current light setting and use that setting the next time you press it. Click here for more information on the BenQ ScreenBar Lite.



BenQ Screenbar Lite Review, USB LED light, reege's tech reviews, USB Lamp


Rating of 9.5 out of 10

With the rise of online jobs and increased Internet availability, more people are carrying laptops everywhere.

With the BenQ ScreenBar Lite, you can adjust the USB LED light to properly lit your keyboard. Furthermore, it offers an unobstructed glare-free vision to your monitor with different colors and brightness.

This has been one of my favorite gadgets ever since they introduced the screen bar plus. No doubt, the BenQ ScreenBar Lite Is the perfect laptop companion which makes working anywhere possible. I highly recommend this to everyone, especially those who spend a lot of time on their laptop. You can purchase the BenQ ScreenBar Lite at Amazon.com.

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