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Best Apps for Android

Best Apps For Android, Nova Launcher, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews, Spotify, Wave, Greenify, Zedge, LastPass, Swiftkey

Eighty Five percent of the world’s population are Android users. Which comes as no surprise, as there so many Android phones compared to IOS phones. I consider myself as an Android fan, and I am here to share with you the best apps for Android.

Ever since 2012 when I bought my very first Android smartphone, I have never looked back. I used to own an iPhone 3Gs and I opted to switch for the Samsung Galaxy s3. I just love the level of customization available in Android that wasn’t present in IOS.

A lot of people feel the same way about this, and we android fans use a lot of cool and useful apps that can improve our smartphone experience. Listed below are what I consider the best apps for Android, which has been a necessity for me no matter what phone I use.

Best Apps For Android


Best Apps For Android, SwiftKey, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews


This is probably the very first thing I download as soon as I get my new Android phone. SwiftKey is an excellent alternative for your stock keyboard. It studies your typing pattern and tailors prediction based on your typing history. It is very smart that can make your speed typing a lot more accurate and faster.

Furthermore, you can change its size and color that best suits you. For me, being able to toggle its size is the most important feature so you can type comfortably depending on your hand size.

Most importantly, you can save all your settings and typing pattern into a google account. Hence, you can transfer it to any phone, anytime, anywhere.

Best Apps For Android, Nova Launcher, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews

Nova Launcher

A launcher is a third party user interface that lets users customize almost everything on an Android phone. This is one of the best apps for Android than you can’t find on an IOS.

When it comes to launchers, Nova launcher is the best. The speed it offers is astounding and a lot faster than a phone’s stock user interface. Using this app, you can change virtually anything you want on your phone. For instance, you can change animations, interactions, customized gestures and many more. You can make sure there is no one in this world who has the same phone as you. Something that an IOS user can’t say for themselves.

Using this application will allow you to experience the same user interface across all Android devices regardless of your phones’ brand. You can switch android phones every month and still wouldn’t feel the difference in interacting with your personalized settings.

Best Apps For Android, Last Pass, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews


This is the perfect app that I highly recommend to everyone. I actually did a review on this before, of how useful and effective LastPass is. Click here for the full review.

LastPass is a password vault that stores all your passwords and information in one place. It is secured with a Master Password of your choosing. You can also protect your Master Password with a fingerprint that can make logging in easier.

Furthermore, the app offers an auto-fill feature which can help you fill in text boxes. For example, when you go on to check your email, LastPass will automatically offer to fill your pre-saved email address into the text box. Once you chose the email address, it will automatically offer to fill in your pre-saved password for that particular email.

Hence, this app allows you to use a fingerprint scanner to login into almost anything on your phone. This is true, by far, one of the best apps for androids in the market.


Best Apps For Android, Greenify, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews


This is another app that is only exclusive to Android users. Greenify is a smartphone optimizer that can help you save battery and keep your phone running smoothly.

It basically detects persistent apps that cannot be detected by your regular smartphone operating system. You can choose what persistent app you can force close or hibernate. As a result, by forcing hibernation, you are saving a lot of battery life.

However, be careful of hibernating messaging apps such as facebook messenger, KIK, LINE, etc. If you force hibernates such apps, you will not be notified when a new message has been received. You will only see these messages once you manually open the hibernated app.

lastly, this frees up RAM which helps your phone runs smoother and faster. This is a great way to prolong the lifespan of your smartphone and to enhance usage.


Best Apps For Android, Zedge, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews


When it comes to customization, I always turn to Zedge. Zedge is an app loaded with tons of wallpapers and ringtones that you can choose from all for free. The only downside to this app is the annoying Ads. If you want to continue using without ads, you’re going to have to pay a premium.

Having said that, you can always use this for free. Just choose your wallpapers and your ringtones and you never have to see the Ads again as long as you don’t open the Zedge app again. However, if you are someone who changes wallpaper very often, then you are going to have to deal with the Ads.

Inside the app, there are live wallpapers and regular wallpapers, ALL HD. They have a wide variety of stunning wallpapers from almost any theme or genre.

There is also a vast number of RIngtones to choose from. Whether it’s for notification sounds or ringtone sounds, Zedge has it all. All their ringtones are loud and crystal clear for your pleasure.


Best Apps For Android, Wave, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews


I’ve never been a fan of google maps. When you are driving real-time, google maps can be hard to keep up with. Waze is my one and only trusted navigation map.

The good thing about Waze is its real-time directions. It can tell you loudly what to do and where to go. If you are driving, then you don’t even need to look at the map. Just listen intently and Waze will tell you when to turn.

Furthermore, you can also add your current location to the map so that you can always come back to it easier in the future. For instance, your friend took you to his house and you don’t know how to get back there. You can use Waze and tag your current location so that the next time, you can ask Waze how to get there again.

Also, Waze has a report option which lets people report accidents in real time. If you are headed for an accident area, Waze can help you detect it early and position you for a reroute.


Best Apps For Android, Spotify, Reege's Tech Reviews, App Reviews


I’m a music junkie, no doubt. I listen when I’m in the gym, shower, car, you name it. And if you are a music junkie too, then Spotify is the best app for you.

The free version of the app is a bit annoying where you can’t choose particular songs you want to play. However, the paid version is amazing as it lets you do whatever you want inside.

From any era and any genre, Spotify has got it all. If you truly love music, then there is no way you don’t download this one.

Last Word

This is my list for the best apps for Android.

No matter what my phone is, these apps are my “can’t live without” apps. These are essential apps for me to be able to use my smartphone in the manner of how it fits my lifestyle. Some of them are paid, some of them are free, but I guarantee you, they are definitely worth to try.

Smartphones these days are getting more expensive and we rely on them so much in our daily lives. What better way to use your smartphone than to customize it, enhance it, and make it easier to use.

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