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Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan

Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan, best sports apps, espn app, livescores app, stubhub app, draft kings app, reege's tech reviews

Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the best apps are those that can enhance our smartphone experiences. This was the common denominator of the Android apps listed in a previous post Best Apps For Android. Apps like SwiftKey, Spotify, and Waze aren’t just fun or useful now and then, but really transform what we can do with our phones.

In this list we’ll take a look specifically at some of he best apps for the modern sports fan, with the same idea in mind. If you care about sports, these are some of the downloads that can truly transform and enhance your mobile experience.


Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan, best sports apps, espn app


ESPN’s self-endowed title, The Worldwide Leader in Sports, can come across a little strangely. But when it comes to the company’s app versus those of most other sports journalism outlets, it’s a fair description. The app covers every major league, from European football to the NBA, with incredible detail across the board. And when we say “cover” we don’t just mean that it lists scores. The app provides up-to-date news, scores and stats, post-game analysis, highlights, and even live streams in many cases. Many sports fans may take it for granted at this point, but the ESPN App is an incredibly robust tool for all sports fans.


Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan, best sports apps, livescores app


The Livescores App lets you track scores and stats for all your favorite sporting events. You can follow games and matches as they happen, all in plain and easy viewing. Truth be told, this isn’t anything the ESPN App can’t do, but it’s the simplicity that makes Livescores valuable. If you want the ESPN App for bigger needs but wouldn’t mind one no-frills app for basic scores, this is great one to have on your device. You’ll hardly know it’s there, and yet your sports fandom will be better for it.



Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan, best sports apps, draft kings app


DraftKings was one of the first apps to pioneer large-scale daily fantasy sports – which for those who aren’t familiar allow fans to pick fantasy lineups for individual days or competitions, enter contests, and, if successful, win real money. There are some other good sites in daily fantasy, but none can top DraftKings for sheer size and variety when it comes to the contests offered. And if that weren’t enough, the app is also currently positioning itself to become a major player in ordinary sports betting as well. With New Jersey having opened the door to gambling, Pennsylvania having legislated legal betting, and more states lining up to act similarly, mobile sportsbooks are about to take off among American fans. And DraftKings, as it so happens, already has its own.

Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan, best sports apps, stubhub app


The modern sports fan wants to see games live, too. And to help make that happen a lot of different ticketing apps have emerged over the years. Ticketmaster has been around for quite some time now; SeatGeek is perhaps the trendiest new option; one called Gametime even emerged to “make you forget about StubHub” as some put it. But we’d still opt for StubHub, which arguably remains the most convenient and the most pleasant to use of the bunch. The app makes it easy to track schedules, view seat layouts, follow teams, and secure the best possible ticket prices. It also allows you to sell your tickets, if you can’t make it to a game for whatever reason.


Best Apps For The Modern Sports Fan, best sports apps, bleacher report app

Bleacher Report Live

Bleacher Report is a lot like ESPN, without quite having the same reach. But it is trying, and the Bleacher Report Live app is a step in the right direction. It’s relatively new, but immensely promising in offering live video streams of games from different sports and leagues, including the NCAA and the PGA. You can tag your favorite leagues and teams so you’ll be notified of upcoming competitions, and when live streams aren’t available directly through the app, you can still use it to find out where you might be able to watch. Ultimately, Bleacher Report Live works because it tends to provide access to some of the few events the ESPN App may not cover (though the fast-rising DAZN app could be a competitor for this same reason).

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