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Best Smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, best smartwatch



Best Smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


Have you ever dropped your mobile phone out of your pocket simply because you were checking the time? Or maybe checking to see if you have received that message you have been waiting for? Ever missed an important call because you simply couldn’t hear the phone ring in a crowd? The perfect companion for your mobile phone is here! Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is still the best smartwatch right now in the market, and this article will tell you all you need to know about this wonderful device.

Mobile Phones these days are getting more and more expensive. Whether you like it or not, phones now are packed with awesome features that result in a higher price. Technology has been wonderful, don’t misunderstand. Sometimes there is just that itchy feeling when you’re carrying a $1000 dollar smartphone in your pocket.


What is a Smartwatch ?

A smartwatch is a digital watch that allows you to connect and sync your mobile phone to your watch. From calendars, contacts, reminders, calls, messages, and pictures, a smartwatch will allow you to access all these things. Additionally, it allows you to reply to messages and make calls. A smartwatch is an extension of your phone that is attached to your wrist.


Best Smartwatch:

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, best smartwatch


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is packed with a 380mah battery that is enough to last for 3 to 4 days. It’s powered by an Exynos 7270 dual 1.0 GHz chipset with 4GB internal RAM. Furthermore, the watch connects via Bluetooth 4.0 which is lightning fast. All these make the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier one of the most powerful smartwatches in the market.

When it comes to aesthetics, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is also ahead of everyone. It is one of the best looking smartwatches in the market. It doesn’t look like a toy, and you won’t think twice about wearing it on a formal occasion. Samsung used 1.3 inches super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 360 x 360 pixels. The screen looks amazing and has an always-on display capability. To protect all that beauty, Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ is used for better shock resistance.

This awesome device won’t be complete without wireless charging capability. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier comes out of the box with a personalized wireless charging dock specifically made for this watch. It charging dock has a small magnet that will secure the watch while charging. This eliminates the need for charging ports which just accumulates dust and dirt like some other smartwatch. Furthermore, the watch is water resistant and shock resistant that makes it a perfect companion for you while exercising.



Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, best smartwatch

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is very easy to use. Much like any touchscreen, just click on the screen on anything you want to interact with. The menus are very clear and organized that learning it won’t take much longer. The screen is fully customizable with just the touch of your fingers.

A new cool feature they added from previous models is the Rotating Bezel. You can now rotate the bezel of the watch to interact with the smartwatch. Alongside this bezel, are two physical buttons, the back button, and the home button.



Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, best smartwatch


The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier uses Bluetooth 4.0 that connects very fast. Also, the range is very good especially if your smartphone supports the same Bluetooth version. What makes this device an exceptionally good purchase, is that it works with Android and IOS. Yes, you heard it right, it works on both platforms. All you have to do is download the corresponding app on your phone and it will connect seemingly. Of course, there are restrictions and limitations when you use this smartwatch on an IOS, but the basic functions of a smartwatch are still available.





Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, best smartwatch


Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Review


Rating: 9.5 out of 10

All in all, I give the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier a rating of 9.5 out of 10. It’s everything you could wish for in a smartwatch and more. My only wish is more freedom when replying on messaging apps. However, with the vast competitions out there on smartwatches, no one comes close to the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. In addition, with its sleek design and crossover connectivity alone, it defeats its competition by a mile.

Whether you’re protecting your phone, or you never want to miss a call, or you are just really into having a smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is the best smartwatch for your money. Designed to keep you connected to your smartphone wherever you are, the Samsung Gear s3 Frontier is definitely still worth buying in 2018. You can purchase the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier at Amazon.com.


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