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Best Wireless Trail Camera


Best Wireless Trail Camera, trail cameras that send pictures to your phone, Covert Code Black Wireless Trail Camera, Reege's Tech Reviews


Trail cameras that send pictures to your phone are one of the very best friends any serious hunter could ever have. If you are a serious hunter and you don’t own one yet, then you’ve come to the right article. The Covert Code Black is the best wireless trail camera right now, and it can make your hunting a lot easier.

Sports Hunting can be a fun, and dangerous activity which involves stalking, seeking and killing a wild animal. According to the U.S Department of Interior, over 100 million Americans participate in hunting or any wildlife activities. If you are one of those people who loves hunting, then you know that having the right equipment is crucial.


What Is A Trail Camera?


Best Wireless Trail Camera, trail cameras that send pictures to your phone, Covert Code Black Wireless Trail Camera, Reege's Tech Reviews


A trail camera is a heavy duty, weather-proof camera that is designed for extended and unmanned use outdoors. Just like any camera, it is capable of capturing pictures and videos. However, a trail camera works differently as it captures photos via motion sensor. It can detect motion from around 100 feet and will function throughout an entire day. Some models are also able to capture pictures even at pitch black.

Because of these characteristics and features, trail cameras are often perfect for home security purposes, wildlife photography, and hunting. There are different types of trail cameras which are perfect for different usage. So in the search for our best wireless trail camera, we first have to look at the differences between each type of trail camera.

Types Of Trail Cameras

There are 2 types of trail cameras in the market a standard trail camera and a wireless trail camera. The difference is in how you can retrieve data.

A standard trail camera will store all its captured photos through its internal storage or micro SD card. You will have to physically go back and get the micro SD card to retrieve said captured images. The ordinary trail camera is a perfect device for wildlife photography. Instead of waiting in the jungle for any animal to show up, you can just leave them there and take the shot. They are also very cheap so even if they get lost, it’s not that painful.

The wireless trail camera is really a cellular trail camera. This involves a sim card and will act like a mobile phone that sends pictures through a network. Hence, allowing you to get pictures no matter where you are. These are the trail cameras that send pictures to your phone. Keep in mind, since this functions as a cellular phone, you will have to pay a monthly fee for a service provider. Furthermore, it functions as a stand-alone device. This Wireless Trail camera doesn’t have to operate under the same network as your mobile phone. Thus, a wireless trail camera is perfect for security and hunting purposes. As soon as it detects movement, it sends a picture to your mobile phone.


Best Wireless Trail Camera:


Covert Code Black Wireless Trail Camera


Best Wireless Trail Camera, trail cameras that send pictures to your phone, Covert Code Black Wireless Trail Camera, Reege's Tech Reviews



This is one of the most popular brand of trail cameras that send pictures to your phone in the market. Like most trail cameras, it has a camouflage look to blend in most outdoors environment. It has a product dimension of 12x8x3 inches and it only weighs 2 lbs.

Right out of its packaging, it comes with a strap that you can clip on to the back of the device. The strap is decently long so you can tie it to any tree you want.

The camera is flushed in front of the device. Just above the cameras are multiple motion sensors and the night vision sensors.

On the right side of the device, you will find the lock where you can open the device and split it in half. Once opened, the right half of the device is the battery compartments and the left side is the basic controls for the camera itself.

What makes this the best wireless trail camera is its invisible infrared flash that has a 100 ft range. It is capable of taking pictures at night without spooking animals with its flash.

Battery Life

The Covert code black has a maximum capacity of running with 12 AA batteries. When fully loaded, this device can run up to 6 to 8 months without having to replace batteries depending on usage. The battery life can be reduced by Image quality, video quality, burst shot configuration and also the total number of photos taken.

Take note, the device doesn’t need 12 AA batteries to operate. It can run on lesser batteries but will have a shorter operating time.

Basic Control interface

On the left half of the opened device is where the control interface is located. On the top is a Multi-Information Display where you can control the camera itself. The display is very basic so don’t expect anything flashy. Meanwhile on the left side of the screen, is the sim card slot which requires a full sized sim card.

Just below that display are the navigational buttons. It consists of the menu button and the directional buttons necessary to interact with the interface. On the corner left, you will find a toggle switch which contains the off, on and a setup switch.

Once you put the toggle switch on the setup, the screen will automatically turn on. Press the menu button and you will enter the settings of the camera.

Lastly, below the toggle switch is the MicroSD slot. This slot requires a MicroSD reader so make sure you have one or your SD card won’t fit.

Camera Settings

The first tab is the camera, where you can toggle capture mode, photo size, video size and burst mode of the camera. Keep in mind, if you select video as a capture mode, it will not be able to send videos to your mobile phone.

Also, this powerful camera has a 10 burst mode option. Once it detects movements, it will take photos depending on how many bursts you set up. However, it will only send the first photo taken to your mobile phone. The rest of the picture will be stored in the MicroSD card.

Passive Infrared Sensors Settings

The next tabs are the PIR settings which control the sensors of the device. For the sensitivity, remember to set it according to your climate. If you’re in a place that experiences low climate, you have to set the sensitivity to the lowest.

The trigger interval is the amount of time your camera takes to resets. Please take note to set it At least to 30 sec for adequate recovery time. A lot of people set it up to zero which costs the camera to malfunction.

Time lapse allows you to force the camera to take a picture every so often. You can set it up to 1 hour so that even without triggers, it will take a photo every hour.

Network Settings

On the send mode, you only have 2 options. Whether you want to receive pictures from your phone or not. Once you’ve chosen instant, a number of limits will appear. You can set it to 00 which will mean unlimited. You will receive every triggered picture no matter how many there are.

Usually, trail cameras that send pictures to your phone have a delivery time of 30 seconds. This largely depends on your carrier and how good your signal is in your selected site. As long as you have reception, the maximum time that you can receive the picture is 1 minute.

Systems Settings

This is where you can set the clock. Set it up properly so you know that the pictures are reliable and up to date.

Also, put the stamp time on so that every picture taken will have information on it.


Best Wireless Trail Camera



Best Wireless Trail Camera, trail cameras that send pictures to your phone, Covert Code Black Wireless Trail Camera, Reege's Tech Reviews


Rating 9 out of 10

With the covert’s maximum silence technology, this camera is able to take pictures very quietly without being detected by your targets. Whether it’s for hunting or for trespassers, the Covert Code Black Wireless Trail Camera gives you stunning stealth performance with ease.

It is the most advanced technology right now when it comes to trail cameras. The price is a little bit expensive, but the performance explains itself. When it comes to trail cameras that send pictures to your phone, this is truly the best wireless trail camera right now. You can purchase the Covert Code Black Wireless Trail Camera at Amazon.com.

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