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Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger Review


Choetech 6-port Quick Charger Review, Reege's Tech Reviews


Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger Review

These days, as smartphones and gadgets gets more and more advanced, battery life has always suffered. Gadgets now have bigger screens, more features and more Bluetooth accessories than they ever have. However, battery has always been left behind. To combat this problem, charging technology has rapidly evolved. For example, the Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger Review will fully charge your phone in no time.


Choetech 6-port Quick Charger Review, Reege's Tech Reviews


The Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger is not your ordinary charger. This is a charging station with 6 USB ports to allow multiple charging at the same time. You’ll never run out of outlets anymore as you can charge up to 6 devices just by using a USB cable. Maximum output of this device,even with all USB ports are used, is at 50 watts.


Quick Charge 3.0:

Quick Charge 3.0 is a technology that allows higher levels of current to flow through the battery. In other words, your device charges faster with the quick charge technology. Qualcomm designed this technology to optimize charging efficiency so you can charge your phone up to 50% faster. They also claim that this technology also saves up to 38% of electricity usage.

However, quick charge technology has to be mutual. The device you want to charge also need to have quick charge capabilities. If you charge a device without quick charge feature to a quick charger, it will just charge normally. Using this technology is completely safe and will not threaten to explode any battery that doesn’t support quick charge.

What separates the Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger from other charging stations is its dual Quick charge 3.0 port. Other brands with the same charging station size only offers one quick charge port. The quick charging ports are the ones with the color blue in it.

Meanwhile, the other four USB ports are optimized by Choetech to maximize charging speeds.They feature Smart Identification Technology that detects the power limit of the connected devices. Then, it delivers the safest and fastest possible charge to the device.

Take note, that if your charging multiple devices, the Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger, like any other charging station, will get rapidly hot. Make sure you place it in a well ventilated area, and not in an enclosed drawer.


Out of the box experience:

Choetech 6-port Quick Charger Review, Reege's Tech Reviews

The Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger comes with a 150 cm detachable power cord. Also, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable and a station stand is found inside. The stand makes it possible to vertically stand the charging station into a fixed position.

You will instantly feel the premium build of the Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger. Its build very smooth with a solid plastic that feels rubber. Also, Its black finish will blend easily on any desk setup. Measuring at 3.4 x 1.0 x 2.8 inch with a weight of 158 grams, you will have no problem bringing this anywhere.

There is a light indicator on the side of the USB ports for power indication. Once you plug it into a power supply, the light automatically turns blue.


Choetech 6-port Quick Charger Review


Final Verdict:

The Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger is a very solid product. If you have devices that are quick charge capable, then this is definitely worth your money. It has a stand which other brands don’t, that allows it to be steady on a desk. Not to mention, at a very reasonable price it charges your device lightning fast. You can purchase the Choetech 6-Port Quick Charger at Amazon.com.


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