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Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor – Which one to buy?

Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor, Sceptre 27 curved monitor, Acer R24 wide screen monitor, reege's tech reviews

Are you looking for a new monitor for your computer? Now is a good time to buy as options are vast and technology has never been better. We are going to compare the benefits of a curved monitor vs flat monitor to see what’s the best buy for you.

Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor

A flat-screen monitor is the conventional type of screen you often see from televisions and monitors. A simple, flat display that is directed at the viewer.

On the other hand, a curved screen monitor is supposedly the next evolution of displays. It is where the screen panel is slightly bent inwards designed to wrap around your vision.

So what’s the fuss about a curved display? Is it a lot better than a flat one? Since everyone knows what a flat screen brings, let’s focus more on what a curved screen can give you.

Pros And Cons Of A Curved Monitor

There is no definite advantage of a curved monitor vs flat monitor. The difference is in the experience it brings. A curve display offers a more immersive experience when you are watching. The screen is basically wrapped around your vision that allows you to see everything when you are sitting in front.

Unlike a flat screen, you won’t even notice the edges of the screen. In case that you have to look at the edges, you’ll have to move your eyeballs farther than you would on a curved screen. The idea is that your eyeballs are at the same distance between the center and the edges.

However, this only applies at a certain distance. If you are planning to use the curved display from afar, then this could work against you. The curve would make it seem like your screen is actually smaller than it really is.

Mounting this on a wall can also be more difficult than it should be. It can also be more dangerous as the monitor will pop out more on your wall than a flat screen monitor would.

Lastly, the price is pretty steep. Most people base their purchase decision on the products price, and this is where a curved monitor won’t look pretty. The price between a curved monitor against a flat monitor can be significantly huge.

Hence, a curved monitor is not for everyone.

Who Is The Curved Monitor For ?

As flat screen monitors cater to everyone, a curved screen monitor can only benefit a few. It is perfect for gamers and people who watch movies on their computer. As mentioned before, a curved screen is best used with close proximity like sitting in a chair 2 feet away from the screen.

I had the chance of playing Apex Legends on a gorgeous curved monitor and it was an amazing experience. The level of immersion is extremely impressive that could give you extra fun in playing games.

Furthermore, watching movies is breathtaking. You will feel the difference in your peripherals as you will be able to see more movements in your overall vision. Truly, watching movies in this monitor is a great experience.

Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor


Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor, Sceptre 27 curved monitor, Acer R24 wide screen monitor, reege's tech reviews

Sceptre 27 Curved LED Monitor

If you are someone set on buying a curved screen monitor, then look no further. The Spectre 27” curved LED monitor is one of the best value for money curved monitor you can find. It is definitely one of the highest rated and most sell-able curved monitor on Amazon.

The spectre is a 27 inch curved monitor with a 1800R screen curvature. It means that the maximum recommended distance for optimum viewing experience is at 1.8 meters.

Watching movies is amazing with its 1920×1080 resolution. Furthermore, it has multiple HDMI ports if you ever want to attach external movies or gaming consoles. Most monitors only offer a single HDMI port only for CPU connectivity.

For gaming, it’s 75hz refresh rate is not bad at all which is probably around 5ms latency when it comes to real time gaming. Hence, making this one of the best-buys when it comes to curved screen monitors. You can purchase the Sceptre curved led monitor at Amazon.com.


Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor, Sceptre 27 curved monitor, Acer R24 wide screen monitor, reege's tech reviews

Acer R24 Wide-Screen Monitor

However, if you are someone who cares about budget and the value for money for your purchase, then i highly recommend the Acer R24 wide-screen monitor.

This is a full HD LCD monitor with IPS (In-Plane-Switching). It is a screen technology that was designed to solve strong viewing angle dependence and low-quality color reproduction on LCDs. Basically, it offers a wider viewing angle and bolder colors by allowing more light to pass through the panel.

Paired with its zero panel design, watching movies in this monitor is truly amazing. Even though its a flat screen monitor, the colors are so vibrant that you will a immersive experience on its own.

In addition, the Acer R24 brilliantly has an ergonomic tilt design which can solve the most common problem on monitors, the glare. With an easy adjustment, the display can tilt from -5 to 15 degrees so you can choose the best viewing angles under your condition.

For gaming, it has a 60hz refresh rate like other ordinary monitors. It’s not the best for gaming, but it will suffice. Also, it only offers 1 HDMI port so you can only connect this to your CPU or a console one at a time. You can purchase the Acer R24 wide screen monitor at Amazon.com.


Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor

Curved Monitor vs Flat Monitor, Sceptre 27 curved monitor, Acer R24 wide screen monitor, reege's tech reviews


Is the curved screen worth it?

It all comes back to its pricing when comparing a curved monitor vs flat monitor. The curved screen monitor is really expensive compared to a traditional flat-screen monitor. The benefits it offers are more on the “luxury” side and not on the “must-have” side. If budget is not an issue, then I would highly recommend a curved screen monitor because it is really gorgeous.

However, for everyone else, I do not recommend buying a curved screen monitor. A flat screen monitor has always been sufficient at it isn’t gonna change anytime soon. The benefits of a curved screen monitor just doesn’t justify its price.

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