Giveaway XDDesign Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack


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Giveaway XDDesign Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

($95.00 Value)

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To start off with, there have been a lot of competition on anti theft backpacks. In my opinion, no one has beaten this bag. Bobby is still the safest backpack in the world. The back facing zipper is brilliant which makes it virtually impossible for pickpockets. All the other features just helps it make this bag an everyday bag.

It can be a bit bulky of course. But whether you’re a heavy traveler, a biker, or an everyday guy, this bag is gonna make you safe. I definitely recommend this bag for everyone. You can purchase the XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack at

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Giveaway XDDesign Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack 

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  • August 15, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    Very nice bag


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