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GPS Pet Tracker Review

GPS Pet Tracker Review, Findster Duo, Whistle 3, GPS Tracking Collar, Pet Activity Monitor, Reege's Tech Reviews

We love our pets so much, sometimes, better than we love humans. We take them everywhere and pamper them with everything they need. However, no matter how loyal they are, they can easily get lost. Thanks to GPS pet trackers, you can easily retrieve your pet.

From dogs, cats or birds. Whatever your favorite pet is, the worst feeling is not knowing where they are. Are they even still alive? stolen? Don’t worry, GPS pet trackers these days can help you find your pet in a matter of minutes.

What is a GPS pet tracker?

A GPS pet tracker is a small, cutting edge device that can tell you your pets exact location in real time. These devices are wearables and can fit comfortably with your pets without disrupting their movements.

There are 2 types of GPS pet tracker: a GPS without a sim card and the one with. While both work well, each of them offers different features that can suit various needs.

The Best GPS Pet Trackers


GPS Pet Tracker Review, Findster Duo, GPS Tracking Collar, Pet Activity Monitor, Reege's Tech Reviews

Findster Duo

The Findster Duo is the best selling GPS pet tracker on Amazon. It has a product dimension of 0.5 x 2 x 2 inches and only weighs 0.8 ounces, which makes it a perfect accessory for your pet. Some trackers annoy the pets and they tend to remove them.

It is run by 2 lithium ion batteries which are included in the box. Findster claims 12 hours of battery life. However, in our testing, it only lasted for about 9 hours.

The duo is also shockproof and waterproof up to 1 meter, which is amazing. Your device is completely safe no matter what condition your pet ran off to.

Furthermore, the Findster Duo is the type of tracker that requires no sim card. Yes! A GPS can work perfectly even without a sim card. The main advantage of a no-sim-card tracker is that it has no monthly-fee contracts. Once you purchase the product, that’s it! No subsequent costs or expenses in order the use the GPS feature.

Another benefit of the Duo is that you don’t require to have a cellular signal for it to work. You can even take it on off-the-grid areas. It is the perfect companion for your pet during hiking or exploration activities.

The downside of this device is its range. Because it has no sim card or cellular capabilities, you will only be able to track your pet at a limited distance. For open areas, you can track your pet up to 10 miles. However, if you are in a congested area or a lot of infrastructures, you can only track your pet for about 0.5 miles.


How does it work

GPS Pet Tracker Review, Findster Duo, GPS Tracking Collar, Pet Activity Monitor, Reege's Tech Reviews


Out of the box, there are 2 Findster duo modules. First, you will need to download their Findster App that is available on Google PlayStore or Itunes Store. Follow instructions to be able to set up your mobile phone with the FIndster modules. You can now monitor your pet’s location in real time.

Keep in mind, that a module can only be connected to one mobile phone.

Inside the app, you can set safe zones for your pet. If your pet suddenly goes out the designated safe zone, you will instantly be alerted before your pet could go far. You can purchase the Findster Duo at Amazon.com.

GPS Pet Tracker Review, Whistle 3, GPS Tracking Collar, Pet Activity Monitor, Reege's Tech Reviews

Whistle 3

The Whistle 3 is like a mobile phone for your pet. It has a product dimension of 1.8 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches and weighs 0.96 ounces. It’s a bit bigger than the previous product, but only because it supports cellular functionality. Hence, it is only recommended for pets 8 lbs and above.

Because of this cellular functionality, whistle 3 has a sim card. This type of GPS pet tracker has a monthly subscription fee to a service provider, particularly AT&T. Although the cost might turn some people off, having cellular connectivity makes them more accurate. It offers an unlimited range as long as you have a cellular signal.

Whistle claims it has a 7-day battery life, which makes it the longest battery life of its kind. Furthermore, it is waterproof and shockproof to ensure you can track your pets no matter what the circumstances are.

The downside to this tracker is also its best feature. Because it relies on cellular connectivity, you won’t be able to track your pet if he went to a dead-spot. You can only pin-point its exact location the last time your pet had cellular coverage.

How does it work


GPS Pet Tracker Review, Whistle 3, GPS Tracking Collar, Pet Activity Monitor, Reege's Tech Reviews


Unlike the Findster Duo, this only has one tracking module. Start by downloading the Whistle App available on both Google PlayStore and Itunes store. If you are an IOS user, it requires IOS 10 or above. However, for Android users, Android 5.0 or above will suffice.

Wi-Fi is needed for the initial setup phase. This is where you can set “safe places” and “sleep zones” for your pet. If at any given time they go out of these places, you will instantly be alarmed and notified.

The subscription plan can also be selected inside the app before you can start tracking. The device can send you information because of its cellular connectivity. You can buy the Whistle 3 at Amazon.com.

GPS Pet Trackers: Verdict

GPS Pet Tracker Review, Findster Duo, Whistle 3, GPS Tracking Collar, Pet Activity Monitor, Reege's Tech Reviews

Technology these days are amazing! GPS pet trackers these days are so accurate, you never need to worry about losing your beloved pet.

First, you need to find out the device that suits you best. If you are someone who always walks his dog and worries he might run away, then the Findster Duo will suffice. The range isn’t that great, but you wouldn’t need it to be as you are very much close together. Choosing this device will save you a lot of money, as it requires no monthly subscription fees.

However, if your beloved pet is a cat or a pet that always escapes your home, then you need the Whistle 3. When you wake up and he’s not there? Then you can find him no matter where your pet went. This comes with a monthly subscription fee but it does come with advantages and features.

Both of these devices are highly recommended and will help you keep your pet safe and secure. Personally, I would opt for the whistle 3 for more security and accuracy. In some instances, you can even use this on people who you want to track.

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