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Holy Stone HS100 Review




Holy Stone HS100 Review, Holy Stone HS 100 FPV RC Drone, Holy Stone HS 100 Drone, Holy Stone HS 100 Battery, Holy Stone HS100 Amazon


Holy Stone HS100 Review

To start off with, the Holy Stone HS 100 FPV RC Drone posses an impressive optimized 720 P HD adjustable wide angle camera. Notably, this drone captures top notch video and high quality aerial photos. In addition, the 720 P Wi-Fi FPV camera lets you take on the first person view. Furthermore, the Holy Stone HS 100 Drone remote control attaches to a smart phone and provides real time viewing.


Holy Stone HS 100 Battery

Holy Stone HS 100 Battery enables longer flying distance. As a matter of fact its removable 2500 mAH battery provides 15 minutes of flight time. Not to mention the remote control distance covers 500m.  Uniquely, this quadcopter sports 4 different LED lights. The Holy Stone HS 100 FPV RC Drone’s ultra bright LED’s provides ample light for effective night flying.

Equally important, the Holy Stone HS 100 Drone supports a one key take off as well as a one key auto landing feature. In addition, it provides a altitude hold for easy navigation. These combined features makes this quadcopter great for beginners.


Holy Stone HS 100 Drone Features

Significantly, the Holy Stone HS100 Drone provides a auto return function. When the battery gets low or it losses its signal it will auto return home. In addition, the Holy Stone HS100  provides a follow mode Impressively, this mode follows the GPS of your smart phone which allows the quadcopter to follow and record wherever you go. In addition, the Holy Stone HS100 is 3D VR Compatible.  Notably, it poses the ability to link up to VR Glasses and experience real time transmission and 3D visualizations during flights.


Holy Stone HS 100 FPV RC Drone Specs:

Optimized 720 P HD Wide Angle Camera

Smart Phone Provides Real Time Vewing.

2500 mAH battery, 15 minutes of Flight Time

Remote Control Distance 500m

4 LED lights for Night Flying

One Key Takeoff / Land and Altitude Hold

Auto return function, GPS Follow Mode



Holy Stone HS100 Review, Holy Stone HS 100 FPV RC Drone, Holy Stone HS 100 Drone, Holy Stone HS 100 Battery, Holy Stone HS100 Amazon


Holy Stone HS 100 Parts

Transmitter, Manual, Screwdriver
7.4V 2500mAh Li-ion Battery
8G TF Card, Card Reader
USB Charging Cable
4  Extra Propellers,  2 Extra Propeller Guards
4  Blade Pads, 4  Blade Caps
2  Extra Landing Feet
4  Screws for Blades, 4  Screws for Motor
4  Fixed Pieces for Blade Screws


Holy Stone HS100 Review

Rating 8.5 out of 10

In conclusion, if you are looking to buy a mid level drone and don’t want to break the bank.  This state of the art quadcopter might be for you. Ultimately, the Holy Stone HS100 provides high quality aerial photography along with nifty easy to fly features. Presently, the lowest price you can buy the Holy Stone HS100 for is at amazon.com


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