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Our Top Picks for Great Under-the-Radar Entertainment Apps

Our Top Picks for Great Under-the-Radar Entertainment Apps, The Film Detective, ScreenHits TV, BroadwayHD

Our Top Picks for Great Under-the-Radar Entertainment Apps


As any regular visitor to our site will know, apps have become one of the most exciting
areas of the software world in recent years.

They can be used for so many different activities, while a number of innovations have
been successfully integrated into them too. Arguably the most important in recent
times has been streaming technology, which has particularly gone on to have a major
bearing on how we enjoy a host of different forms of entertainment.

An impact on many areas

Listening to music via apps like Spotify has become the norm for a huge number of
people across the world, while streaming is also making its presence felt in gaming
thanks to exciting new platforms like Google Stadia. The technology has made a
breakthrough in casino gaming too, with VegasSlotsOnline.com, for example,
explaining how live dealer experiences give people the chance to play table-based
games like blackjack against human croupiers via a video link.

However, if streaming has had an impact on one area above all others it is the world of
film and TV. HBO Max is one of the latest entrants into a market which is already
dominated by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, with other notable services in the
space including Disney+.

But what are the lesser-known apps related to entertainment streaming which could be
worth your time? Here we offer up three suggestions.


1. The Film Detective

Anyone who is keen to enjoy the classics might like to check out The Film Detective.

As well as being accessible via services like iOS and AppleTV, the platform has also
recently become available to download on Android devices.

But what can you expect from it? Well, in its announcement related to the Android
launch, the service outlined how it offers a balance of critically acclaimed movies
alongside cult classics which could be regarded as under-represented. The likes of His
Girl Friday are on offer, while you could also dip into old-school TV hits like Lucille
Ball’s The Lucy Show. Put simply, if you want some retro fun at your fingertips, this
could be the service for you.

2. ScreenHits TV

If you have subscriptions across a range of different platforms, ScreenHits TV could
be a great option for managing the vast number of shows and movies which are

As Fan Carpet explains, the app is designed to let consumers manage their streaming
subscriptions, live channels, and more in a single place. The service is compatible
with a host of well-known platforms including Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+,
while the app itself is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon’s Fire Stick
technology, and Google Chrome.

3. BroadwayHD

As we have already touched upon, so many streaming services tend to focus primarily
on movies and TV shows. However, if you are a theater fan or simply want something
completely different, there are services you could try.

BroadwayHD focuses purely on the stage and gives you access to famous
performances of a host of different types of shows. Whether you’re looking for a
comedy, want to relive seeing your favorite musical, or plan to get high-brow with
some Shakespeare, this is an app that has you covered.

Try something a little different

So much great content can now be streamed on a range of different apps. However, if
you’re seeking something a little bit different, or want a way to organize your viewing a
bit more, these could be good options for you.
It is also worth noting that this area is growing all the time, so don’t be surprised if
more exciting services appear in the months and years ahead!


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