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Perk Review – Earn Money Watching Videos

Perk Review, Top 3 Earning Methods, Perk.tv, Perk.tv Live, App Trailers, Perk Guide

Perk Review / Guide

If there was ever a time you needed some extra money, you could find yourself comparing many different options. Often times, some prove to be legit while others can be a complete waste of your time. Making money, however, in today’s world can be done through many resources. It all depends on your skill, interest and commitment. That’s why Phone Farming could be the choice for you if you are looking to make some extra bucks on the side. You could easily earn $50 – $150 monthly watching videos from the comfort of your home with your phones and computers.

What is Phone Farming?

Phone Farming is using multiple smart phones or computers to make money while watching advertisments of apps and movie trailers. Depending on how many smart phones you can find laying around the house or find on the cheap to purchase. You can bring in decent income you didn’t expect. Phone Farming has become a popular way to unbelievably earn extra money monthly watching videos on smart phones or computers. The earning potential comes in points you can transfer into either a gift cards, PayPal or convert to Bitcoin.

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Top 3 Earning Methods – Perk Review/Guide


Perk Review, Top 3 Earning Methods, Perk.tv, Perk.tv Live, App Trailers, Perk Guide

1. Perk.tv – Earn Using Multi Phones or Computers


perk review, perk.tv, Earn Using Multi Phones or Computers, Perk guide


You can download the Perk.tv App to several smart phones or utilize computers streaming from Perk.tv. You can have multi streams running at the same time. The application is compatible for both Android and iOS smart phones. When using smart phones I prefer Android devices which seem to be more stable. Notably, my biggest earner is streaming from multi computers at Perk.tv using the Chrome Browser. All pay comes in the form of points allowing you to either redeem via gift cards, Paypal or Bitcoin. Your earnings come from video clip advertisements that run on each device you are using. When you reach 1,000 points, then you have earned a $1. It’s possible to make $1.50 plus on each device a day per phone or computer.

2. Perk.tv Live – Earn Using App On Multi Phones


Perk Review, Perk.tv Live, Earn Using App On Multi Phones, Perk Guide


Perk TV Live is a App that allows you to watch and stream videos and earn points. You are basically being rewarded every time a advertisement is run.  When the Perk.tv Live App is open it listens to your television while you rack up points. However, you do not need to be watching tv live in order to earn with this App. Perk.tv Live runs passively and takes little maintenance. All of the Perk Apps and Websites combine points which are recorded on a single account.

3. APP Trailers – Earn Using App On Multi Phones


Perk Review, App Trailers, Earn Using App On Multi Phones, Perk Guide


App Trailers runs semi passively and takes a little bit of baby sitting. However, it gives the most points per video. Once you download this App you get a screen with a list of video trailers on different apps. They could range from Rapid Reviews, App Trailers, DIY or Gossip Videos. Just like Perk.tv and Perk.tv Live all points are stored and redeemed from a single account. A new addition features a trivia section that offers over 10,000 questions with more added each day. You can also receive bonus points running App Trailers.

Perk Referral Program

This program is great because it lets you get paid when you send perks to your friends or family. You do this by obtaining a code and simply sharing it with whoever you want, in the meantime, you will earn a reward by doing so. So consider spreading the great news that you have found an awesome way to earn money by watching videos using multiple phones or computers.

Your friends will be happy you’ve given them a chance to make extra money on the side. When they sign up, you can receive 500 points upon them cashing in on their first reward. Furthermore, they get an instant 50 points after using your link to get them started on the application. This is probably one of the great things you can pass on to friends. You can teach them and they can learn how to make real actual money from their home computers and smart phones.

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Tips for Earning and Phone Farming


Perk Review, Phone Farming, Perk Guide


The best place to purchase cheap phones is at straight talk. It is quite common to find some decent Android phones new and used in the $10.00 to $15.00 price range in their top deals and clearance section. I recommend only purchasing Android Phones version 4.4 or greater to run all the updated Perk Apps.

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Increase your earning with Perk Apps by rebooting your phones daily and clearing the cache. I suggest downloading Always On. This app keeps your screen on and allows the videos to keep streaming undisturbed. Decrease your screen brightness by using the App Screen Filter to save on your electricity. Buy a USB Charger with multi-ports and invest in a Surge Protector. In addition, for computers streaming videos on Perk.tv use Chrome Browser and restart the computers daily. Also, make sure to clean your cache and cookies with CCleaner.

Download the Perk Wallet App which conveniently allows you to cash out your perk points. Impressively, rewards can be cashed out instantly to a Perk Plastik Discover Debit Card using the Perk Wallet App.

The Perk applications are easy to use and allow you to engage and receive passive video earning income in your free time. You can watch all videos from multi phones and computers. You can invite your friends to take part in your passive video earning and help them make money aswell.

Phone Farming has been around for quite some time. Each year it continues to grow drawing a larger audience. It’s an alternative for a secondary income in the comfort of your own home. You can simply log in and begin pocketing real money from a legit online source.


Perk Review / Guide

Payment Proof


perk review, payment proof, perk tv live, perk.tv, app trailers, Perk Guide


All in all, I have currently earned $2,421.00 as of 11/07/18. I average between $120.00 and $170.00 per month with Perk. I currently stream Perk.tv on 4 computers, run Perk.tv Live on 5 Android Smart Phones and use 4 Android Smart Phones for App Trailers. There are also additional Perk Apps available for download including Viggle.tv, Perk Word Search and Perk Pop Quiz that are semi passive and earn decently. Equally important, I would recommend not going over 5 devices per App, you could risk a possible ban. Given these points, If you have any questions about earning from this Perk Review/Guide please ask in the comments section.

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*If you have any extra devices you can combine your Perk routine with Earnhoney and Cashmagnet routines to make additional monthly income.



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