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Recover Lost Files Fast and Easy with Reclaime


 Reclaime Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, Data Recovery Software, NAS data storage, Recover Lost Files



Recover Lost Files Fast and Easy with Reclaime

No matter how careful we are, we sometimes lose important files accidentally. Whether it’s a corrupted file or an accidental deletion, both are equally frustrating. Luckily, technology today has allowed us to recover lost files no matter how hopeless it seems. Here is an in-depth review of Reclaime, one of the fastest Data Recovery Software I have ever used.



What Is Reclaime?


Reclaime Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, Data Recovery Software, NAS data storage, Recover Lost Files


The Reclaime data recovery software is designed to recover lost files from Hard drives, USB drives, and Memory Cards. Also, it can even unformat a hard drive from a desktop or a laptop.

Moreover, Reclaime can solve complex tasks like recover data from NAS devices like QNAP, NETGEAR, Buffalo. Synology and others. It can also do RAID recovery and is able to reconstruct RAID types such as RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 0+1 and RAID 1+0. The RAID recovery software is capable of recovering array parameters such as start offset, block size, members disks, parity position, and rotation.

Even though the software is specifically made for windows, it can still recover files from other OS like Linux. The Reclaime Software does not run on MAC OS. To recover data from MAC OS, you need to attach your MAC storage to a windows PC.



Reclaime Can Recover Data From Almost All Filesystem Types.


  • FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ReFS filesystems used by windows from XP onwards and digital cameras.
  • EXT2, EXT3, EXT4 and XFS filesystems used in Linux and most NAS devices.
  • BTRFS filesystem, commonly used in modern NETGEAR Ready NAS devices.
  • APFS, HFS, HFS+ (Mac OS Extended), and UFS file systems, used by Apple Mac computers and iPod players.

The free version of the software enables you to scan deleted files in your system, but will not recover files. This allows you to scan first your deleted files and see if the software can detect them. However, you will have to purchase the paid version for you to be able to start recovering your lost files.


How To Use ?

The Reclaime data recovery software is very easy to use. First, you have to download and install the software on your computer. Once this is finished, simply open the program and it will then start scanning all your system for all drives.

Scanning might take a while. It will largely depend on the size of your hard drive. After scanning is completed, simply click the drive where you need to recover the files and click start. Then, the recovery process will start immediately.

If you are targeting a specific file for recovery, they have created a search function for easier access. Furthermore, for picture recovery, they have created a preview window so you can see the pictures before recovering them.



NAS Recovery


Reclaime Review, Reege's Tech Reviews, Data Recovery Software, NAS data storage, Recover Lost Files

Most big companies nowadays are using NAS for data storage and backup. It’s only logical since it’s more secure and easier collaboration with less mess. However, no matter how safe NAS is, sometimes we just can’t avoid losing important files. Luckily, as Reclaime has the capability to restore lost files even from NAS. 

One of the most amazing features of Reclaime is how fast and easy it can retrieve files. All you have to do is remove your disks from NAS and attach them to your PC. I highly suggest you label each disk as you remove them so you know which slot they belong to. Then, just open the Reclaime program and locate your external disk for scanning. 



Reclaime Review

The Reclaime Data Recovery Software is definitely one of the best that I have ever used. It’s very easy to use even without any background or experience. Also, it’s a very quick and thorough data recovery, especially for its price. Compared to its competitors, its price is the very best “bang for your buck” software. I would highly recommend this to anyone who just lost their important data, and is looking to recover the cheap and effective way. You can find more information about Reclaime Data Recovery Software at their official website.






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