Exercise And Get Paid – Sweatcoin App Review

Exercise And Get Paid ?

Sweatcoin App Review

Sweatcoin App Review, Sweatcoin Rewards, Sweatcoin Referral Program

 Keeping track of your exercise has become highly important in the fitness world today. As a matter of fact, there’s not a gadget you can’t find that will track, chart and tell you how your fitness goals are going. For many, it can be a challenge or a struggle to decide if they will exercise at all. Uniquely, this bring us to a new innovative device paying runners or walkers real money. I will detail this groundbreaking App in this Sweatcoin App Review.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin allows you to earn digital currency simply by taking a walk or running. Furthermore, this can be done through your cell phone after downloading the application. Basically what it does is tracks all outdoor steps and gives you a reward. One Sweatcoin equals a 1,000 steps.

Sweatcoin Rewards

Sweatcooin Rewards have many cashout options including Amazon and Paypal giftcards. In addition, if you want to purchase a wearable fitness watch, download your favorite music, some high-end running shoes, energy drinks or trendy electronics you have the option with Sweatcoin Rewards.

Sweatcoins are a cryptocurrency, it’s considered “mining” currency through exercise.  Sweatcoin is a App that pays you to get fit. As a matter of fact, it is by far the best App out there showing you actually converting steps to actual money in your pocket. Additionally, the device tracks all outdoor activity by using what’s called “acceleometers” along with using sophisticated GPS. Sweatcoin is a revolutionary ingenuous product when it comes to tracking one’s fitness experience.

Sweatcoin Referral Program / Charities

Impressively, with The Sweatcoin Referral Program you will earn 5 Sweatcoins for each  person referred. If you prefer to donate your Sweatcoins, the company has been helping charities that they partner with all across the country. Therefore, if you are a business and looking to place your brand on the platform. You can buy up to four slots that will be seen by fitness fanatics seeking new exercise products and accessories.

The Beginning

Sweatcoins is based out of london and it’s additional phase of funding raised upwards of 1.6 million dollars. Gartner, a popular marketing research company states that there is an expected 350 million wearable devices to be sold annually around the globe.

Sweatcoins concept pulls from behavioral economics, the influence of psychology and emotions on decisions, and the direct attempt to encourage people to become more fit. Co-founder Anton Derlyatka believes physical movement involves economic value. He further says the applications goal is to decrease human tendency to binge eat while instead offering exercise as a better alternative. Hopefully it can turn a couch potato into an active person.

The companies popularity grew in the last summer and became one of the most downloaded exercise applications in the United States, according to analytics firm App Annie. Sweatcoin App shows that this platform continues to be high-ranking among health and fitness tracking products.


Sweatcoin’s cleverly design detects cheating or using the system in a fraudulent manner. In addition, the program can successfully identify upwards of 65% of an actual users steps. Not to mention, the developers are diligently working towards improvement to the accuracy and speed of its algorithm and will track indoors steps in the future.

Sweatcoin App Review

Sweatcoin App Review, Sweatcoin Rewards, Sweatcoin Referral Program

Download here

Overall, this Sweatcoin App is a great motivator to anyone struggling with exercise and simply just needing and motivational boost.  In addition, the application is easy to use and has a list of products you can purchase with your acquired points. Furthermore, with such good incentives the Sweatcoin Program will help anyone who is hesitant about being physically active. You can find encouragement using this application. All in all, Sweatcoin Rewards are exciting and fun to earn. Given these points, I highly recommend downloading this App.

Sweatcoin App – Download here


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  1. “Mining currency through exercise,” that’s such a great idea! I’m an incentives driven guy who struggles to take time away from making money to exercise, now I won’t have to worry about that. Downloading Sweatcoin app now, thanks for reviewing it.

    • Thank you, Its really a great App I have been using it almost daily. It gives me extra motivation and it has revamped my workout routine!

  2. Thanks for informing me about this app. I was looking for ways to lose weight and make money. This way I am doing both at the same time. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the informative review. Its hard not to be interested in giving it a try, at the very least. Exercise and get paid for it, definitely could inspire motivation! Hmm… I wonder how many steps it will take to make my first dollar. 🙂

  4. I have used sweatcoin for some time now and I have earned 15 sweatcoin so far. It is useful for me because I walk just about everywhere.

  5. I’m so excited to hear all of this! I’ve always assumed the ‘get paid to exercise’ apps were all scams, so I definitely can’t wait to check this out. What is a Sweatcoin worth?

  6. A Sweatcoin is currently worth 10 cents with the price of it recently doubling.

  7. Thanks for the informative review. Its hard not to be interested in giving it a try, at the very least. Exercise and get paid for it, definitely could inspire motivation! Hmm… I wonder how many steps it will take to make my first dollar.

  8. It varies however, with the Sweatcoin App only outside steps are counted. If you go for a walk or run make sure you bring your phone along.

  9. This is a great freaking idea! I’m going to download the app. I mean even if you are just doing your regular every day walking, you can rack up steps on this thing and trade in when you get enough for a gift card. Especially if you have a job that keeps you on your feet anyway.

  10. This is great! you can use points to get money! it pays you to get fit!

  11. Getting paid to exercise! Crazy and an awesome idea. I think I’m sold 🙂

  12. I had been using another App very similar to this when I go to the gym, however this one seems much better, and I will DEFINITELY be giving it a shot, very soon!

  13. This get paid to exercise app seems really awesome! It’s the boost I probably need to commit to working out regularly.

  14. I am an active person and exercise regularly indoors in a gym or running outdoors. Hence this app will be helpful in tracking my activities and the best part is I would be earning sweatcoins for doing an activity which I love.

  15. This is pretty nuts. I do think it’s a little crazy what you have to do to get people to exercise these days.

    • Some people it takes a little extra motivation. That’s why the Sweatcoin App is a very useful and popular exercise app.

  16. I’m thinking about joining this – it looks like a great app. I just want to know: has there been any success stories?

    • Tons of success stories using the Sweatcoin App for exercise. Just look at all the people motivated in these comments!

  17. Wow, am so glad I found this article. Seems like Sweatcoin App is what I was looking for. Lol. I want some motivation to exercise because sometimes am so lazy to do it. Pretty sure this app will help me. Will share this to my friends too. Thanks.

  18. Pretty genius idea for an app. I wonder how much there is to make off of this. I’m looking at you marathon runners hahaha.

    • I bet marathon runners can make bank with the Sweatcoin App. Just imagine if they hold on to the Sweatcoins and the value raises significantly!

  19. This is an informative review on exercise and get Paid – Sweat coin App. I think it is a great app. I like review very much. Thanks for introducing this app to us.

  20. I had this app recommended to me a while ago, but I was skeptical about how real and effective it is. After reading this review I will definitely download it and hopefully start earning rewards asap. Thanks!

  21. Before read this post I have totally no idea about Sweatcoin App. I found this post very interesting and useful. Sweatcooin Rewards & cash out option is also good. I will definitely download this app.

  22. I have heard of the Sweatcoin App from a friend of mind. However, I do have a couple of questions. 1) How will you get your points when the app glitches or doesn’t count your steps. #2 How many points do you have to have before you can cash them out for rewards?

    • The Sweatcoin App has a central cloud server for data backup that will record your steps if a glitch occurs. There are several options to redeem your points including Paypal, Amazon and various other gift cards. All redeem amounts differ from 5 Sweatcoins and up.

  23. This is such a great idea and so relevant to me as I’m currently trying to balance my spare time between making some extra income and keeping up with my running routine. Thanks for the review, definitely going to check this out!

  24. Thanks Suzanne, Glad my Sweatcoin App Review could help!

  25. Wow I will definitely be downloading this app. Who wouldn’t like to get paid for something you have to do already. That’s like getting paid to wake up. Love it

  26. This is indeed an innovative research which encourages healthy living. I’m just curious about how the company will make any profits if I were to download this app.

  27. Sweatcoin uses a similar premise as Pokemon Go did and for good reason as it was highly successful. It is pretty crazy that you get money for this though I do have two questions. How do the makers of the app both make money and are able to fund their rewards?

    • The sweatcoin developers make a lot of their money through affiliating with companies and sponsorships. They also get a partial kickbacks on Sweatcoins that you are mining as you workout.

  28. This is an app worthy of downloading. It will get you to be healthier and pay you for it!! I think an app like this should become more popular, especially amongst Americans & American youths. Since our obesity rate is so high, we definitely need more things like this app to be popularized. Sweatcoin does not need ads to become more popular when the word spreads that people are actually just step out to exercise and get paid for it. Sweatcoin: An interactive app that can possibly save lives. Sweatcoin could also make some new brands a fortune.

    • Laura, thanks for your detailed comment on my Sweatcoin App Review ! I couldn’t agree more, I think the Sweatcoin App should and will become more popular. Its just starting to gain popularity over the last few months.

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