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TravelCard Charger Review



World's Smallest Power Bank, TravelCard Charger Review, Reege's Tech Reviews


TravelCard Charger Review

For quite some time now, everyone’s coming up with a new way to charge up your devices with different types of power banks. This time, we got our hands on The World’s Smallest Power Bank: The TravelCard Charger, which is very unique in its own way. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Power Banks in the market, and let me tell you why.


Credit Card Sized Charger

World's Smallest Power Bank, TravelCard Charger Review, Reege's Tech ReviewsDesign

The Travel Card Charger is an extremely portable power bank that is the size of a credit card. However, the thickness is about 3-4 credit cards so it will add a bit of bulk in your wallet. Specifically, it has a measurement of 53.34 x 86.36 x 4.8mm.

It weighs 1.6 ounces which makes it very light. The body is made from aluminum which looks and feels very solid and premium. Although, applying real pressure could break this device in half so you still have to be careful. You can get the Travel Card Charger in black, blue, grey, red or silver.

Because of its size, it only packs 1500mah of battery power. Not very impressive compared to other power banks that carry 10,000mah and above of battery power. It’s safe to say that, you won’t get a full charge out of this power bank, especially on Android phones. However, you’ll get a big chunk of charge on iPhones, who carries a smaller battery.



As for charging compatibility, this is where the Travelcard Charger is a bit short-handed. It is built with a single charging cable that is not replaceable nor removable. Also, there are no external ports in this device for your third-party wires and cables.

Because of this, the travelcard power bank comes in two variants. One variant offers a Micro USB charging cable for most Android devices, and the other variant comes with a lightning cable exclusively for Apple devices.

In the future, I would love to see the TravelCard Charger support USB type C connection for the newer devices. At this technological age, everyone is moving to the USB C direction because of its countless benefits and features.



It would have been magical if the TravelCard Charger came with quick charge capability. However, that could be asking for too much for something so small.

Nonetheless, the travelcard power bank gets the job done. The main purpose of its design is to be as portable as anything you’ve ever seen, and it is. In fact, there were times where I actually forgot that I brought it. If you’re wearing a shirt with a front pocket, it’s the perfect spot for this device.

Furthermore, the small battery capacity will require you to charge this device every time you use it. The built-in charging cables don’t heat up that much, which shows you the premium materials used on this product.


TravelCard Charger Review

World's Smallest Power Bank, TravelCard Charger Review, Reege's Tech Reviews


Rating 8.0 out of 10

I give the TravelCard Power Bank a rating of 8 out of 10. Unlike any other power banks, this device offers a totally different kind of need. Simply put, the TravelCard power bank is the perfect backup for your backup. It’s not something you would solely rely on, but a great way to carry an extra battery in case of an emergency. Its portability is unparalleled which will allow you to carry this without virtually taking any space. I’ve been using it for weeks, and it’s been perfect for my leather wallet. The weight itself is barely noticeable which is also perfect for pockets and bags.

Having said all this, it still would be better if it offered a quick charge function. As discussed, the TravelCard Charger is perfect for last resorts and emergency cases. This would often mean that you are in a hurry to charge up, and Quick Charge would be an amazing feature to this product.

Also, due to its lack of flexibility, you have to be sure what variant of TravelCard Charger you are purchasing. It’s a shame they haven’t made it USB C compatible, I had to use a Micro USB to USB C adapter to use on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This would be perfect for iPhone users also, as it is compatible with almost any Apple product.

Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is always on the go. Not only is it ultra portable, but also having additional battery life never hurts. You can purchase the TravelCard Charger directly from their website.





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