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Tsumbay Mini Review


Tsumbay Mini Review


Tsumbay Mini Review, Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker



The Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker provides high-overall performance. As a matter of fact it contains 5W RMS driver and a passive sub-woofer. Whether you’re partying, on the go, or simply lounging around the house. Experience a room-filling clean stereo sound with large bass.

Significantly, the Tsumbay Mini posses cutting-edge Bluetooth V4.2. Uniquely, it brings you a solid reliable Bluetooth signal. It posses the ability to pair 2 speakers togeyher with any Bluetooth device within a 10m / 33 ft range. Notably, the Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth-permited devices. In addiotion 5mm aux input enables wired connectivity.



Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker are IP65 waterproof and splash resistant. Uniquely, great for pools, beaches and showers. Not to mention its rugged shell shields dust and dirt away. In addition its posses a strap so that you can clip portable Bluetooth speaker onto your backpack and bicycle.

The Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker provides actual Stereo Sound syncing 2  Tsumbay Mini’s together. Uniquely, rock out left and right with booming stereo doubling your stero output.

Impressivley, the Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker charges in 3-4 hours. In addition its 2000 mAh battery lets you listen to your favorite tunes all day long. In fact, the Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker provides 20 hrs of play back time at 50 percent volume level.



Tsumbay Mini Review, Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker, Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker




Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker Specs

  • 5W RMS Driver with a Passive Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth V4.2 Technology, 10m / 33 Ft range
  • IP65 Waterproof & Splash-Proof
  • Pair 2 Mini’s Together for True Wireless Stereo Sound
  • 2000 mAh rechargeable battary
  • Charge Time 3-4 Hours, 20 Hours Playback at 50 Percent





Reege’s Tsumbay Mini Review

In conclusion, Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a very impressive mini portable Bluetooth speaker. In spite of the small size the Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker packs large speaker sound. Not to mention, the long better life and its resistance to water. All things considered, the Tsumbay Mini Bluetooth Speaker performs up to the same level as more expensive and larger Bluetooth speakers. The lowest price you can buy the Tsumbay Mini is at amazon.com.


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