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Turn Your House Into A Smart Home



Turn Your House Into A Smart Home, Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Fire TV, Sonoff WiFi Switch, Philips Hue White A19 Light Bulbs



Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

For as long as I can remember, technology has always been there to make our lives easier. Ever since that first Iron Man movie came out in 2008, people have always wondered what it’s like to have your very own JARVIS. An artificial intelligence assistant that you can boss around anytime you want. Well, technology now allows us to  get closer to this fantasy, and in this article, I will be teaching you how to turn your house into a smart home in the cheapest way possible.


Amazon Echo (2nd generation)

Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

A Smart speaker is the most important and the simplest way to turn your home into a smart home. Not to mention, it is a voice activated virtual assistant that offers life-like interaction. It’s the closest thing we can get to having our own Jarvis, and she is named Alexa.

Hands down, the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation), is the smartest smart speaker right now. It has a wider range of capabilities compared to the google home mini. It controls home appliances better, and it can shop for you directly on amazon. In addition to all these, the Amazon echo is a lot cheaper than the google home.

The Amazon Echo comes in different sizes to fit your need. The full size speaker is called echo and the smaller one is called echo dot. Just make sure you get the 2nd generation of echo and it will be worth your money. You can purchase the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) at Amazon.com.



Fire TV

Fire TV, Turn Your House Into A Smart Home


Now what’s the use of a smart home if you can’t control your TV via voice control? Fire TV is a 4k media steamer that is perfectly integrated with Alexa. There is no competition out there when it comes to using Alexa on your TV, Fire TV just works fluidly.

You can now tell Alexa to play a certain movie or video on a particular app that you want. For example, you can tell Alexa to “Play Stranger Things on Netflix”, assuming you have Netflix. You can turn the TV on and off by just simply telling Alexa. You can now binge without having to move a muscle. The Fire TV is available for purchase at Amazon.com.





Sonoff WiFi Switch

Sonoff WiFi Switch, Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

You will never find a cheaper way to turn your house into a smart home. The Sonoff WiFi Switch is unbelievably cheap, and it works relatively well. Furthermore, this product can turn almost any appliances at home into a smart one. This means, you can now remotely control via voice command, or through your mobile phone, all your smart appliances.

The downside of using the Sonoff Wifi Switch, is that it requires a little DIY installation. It could be scary for some people, but i can guarantee you, it’s completely safe and easy. Attempting to teach how to install the Sonoff WiFi Switch in this article would be hard and complicated. So rather than try, here’s a link to what I think is, the very best video that can teach you guys how to install this device. It’s a video created by a guy named Zach, his channel is called Byte Sized ( Click Here for Zach’s Video). The Sonoff Wifi Switch can be purchased in a 6 Pack at Amazon.com.




Philips Hue White A19 Light Bulbs

Philips Hue White A19 Light Bulbs, Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

This is the best choice when it comes to smart bulbs. It’s one of the cheapest ones on the market and it has a 3 year warranty. Brightness would not be a problem as this product won’t shorthand you. It also has a dimmer function that other products don’t have. You can also set timers and schedules for this light which is an amazing feature. You can set them to dim on your desired sleeping time. Afterwards, set them to off after an hour when your already asleep. This a very useful product and very easy-to-use. Integrating with Alexa is a breeze. The lowest price you can buy the Philips Hue White A19 Light Bulbs is at Amazon.com.





The products mentioned above are proof, that it doesn’t have to cost you much when you want to turn your house into a smart home. These products work well together. In addition, you can surround your smart speaker with the sonoff switch and the smart bulb and it works wonders. You can now tell Alexa to turn off certain appliances like TV or Aircon. Never would you have a problem finding the remote control again for you to be able to switch your TVs channel. 

It’s not all glamorous and luxury. As you turn your house into a smart home, it can also help you save electricity. You can now put timers on any appliance you want. In addition, you can now turn on or off any smart appliances from anywhere. You can now turn on your Aircon before you reach home so that it’s already cold when you walk in.

All in all, having a smart home is amazing, efficient, and most of all, convenient. With the prices of the products recommended above, there is no reason not to turn your house into a smart home.


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